Aquatic Center parking_1Tuesday evening the Plymouth Board of Zoning Appeals unanimously approved a Variance of Development Standards for Marshall County Life Center Inc. also known as the new aquatics center that will be adjacent to the LifePlex on Miller Drive.

The standard for the new construction is 97 parking spaces.  Chad Barden, coordinator on the project told the BZA the estimated budget for the project was $7 million and it came in at $7.9 million so some things had to give.  They have reduces the size of the pool from a 10 competition pool to 8 lanes saving $375,000.  Barden said removing the proposed parking lot will reduce the cost another $266,000.

Aquatic Center Parking_2Barden proposed using the existing parking lot at the LifePlex and use the parking lot at The Zone for overflow parking for swim meets with bussing to the aquatic center.  During his presentation letters were read from Jackie Wright, Executive Director of Older Adult Service who pledged to provide transportation services; Mary Holm from the LifePlex who was supportive of the aquatics center using their parking lot and from Rick Miller of The Zone who was receptive to using his parking lot for overflow parking.

The proposal did include 7 new parking lots toward that back of the LifePlex on the east end where the entrance to the aquatic center will be.  The plan calls for a road back to the entrance with parking in the cul-de-sac.  This will allow busses to drop off swimmers at the door and then park elsewhere.

Aquatic Center Parking_3This project is being funded with Federal, State, local and private dollars and when finalized will be a not-for-profit entity.