Triton_ancilla_visitAll first grade and kindergarten students will be taking a “Walk Into My Future” this month as part of the Marshall County Promise program.  Students will all receive a Promise T-shirt through the program to wear on their special “Walk”.   Ancilla College will once again host this event for all of the students in kindergarten and first grade throughout the county.  First grade students take their “walk” on Friday, September 22nd and kindergarten students will “Walk” on Friday, September 29th.  Ancilla students and staff have prepared a variety of stations/activities that the elementary students will visit during their 90 minute visitation.

The Promise program encourages students to plan for their future by saving today for their educational needs.  Every kindergarten and first grade student who opens a 529 Savings account this fall (or who already has such an account) will receive a $25 deposit in their account from the Marshall County Promise fund at the Marshall County Community Foundation.

New this year is the program for second graders throughout the county.  Any second grader who has an account and gets $25 donated to their account from their “CHAMPIONS” will receive a matching $25 from the Promise program.  A “CHAMPION” is anyone who believes in that child’s dream and wants to support them making their dream come true.

Donations can be made anytime to the Marshall County Promise account at the Marshall County Community Foundation in Plymouth.