Rees marqueeAlumni Challenge is on.  Many of us have memories of meeting our friends at the Rees Theatre and to see that special movie from our childhood.  Many individuals, representatives of city government, and other groups within our community are working hard to make Plymouth’s Historic Downtown a vibrant destination once again.

The Rees Project Committee in coordination with the Wythougan Valley Preservation Council, Inc. sees the Rees Theater as a prime anchor in the revitalization of our community.  Initial work has been done to “clean-up the outside of the Rees and bring back the iconic marquee. Plans to repurpose the building to meet the needs of a newly developed business plan are being finalized.

Short and long-term needs for the building structure and renovation have been identified. In the short-term the committee has identified three main issues needing attention as soon as possible. Masonry work must be done as soon as possible on the south wall, a new weather tight roof designed to meet the needs of our business plan is second on the list, and removal of the interior ceiling closes out the initial emergency needs.  You can find out more about this by visiting the Rees Theatre Facebook page or the Go Fund Me page at  Both sites have a video available that explains the business plan and the short and long term building plans.  The committee encourages you to enjoy the videos as they stir your memories of when we grew up in Plymouth.   “Imagine the Possibilities” as the committee presents its plans for restoration and repurposing the Rees Theatre into a multi-use venue.

Now the decision and future is in the hands of those who want to help create the new Rees Theatre. It is important to the success and momentum of the project to reach out to all those who care about our community and home and to ask them to make a donation to the renovation fund. Many people making a donation can have a big effect on the success. In the words of today we need to “go viral” spreading the word to the thousands of people who have liked the Rees Facebook page and multiply that number ten times. If each will do a little we can reach our goal.

To encourage more involvement the Rees Project Committee has created an Alumni Challenge. We are asking graduating classes to work together to raise donations to our cause.  We will have a competition by decades to see which class can raise the most money towards the over-all need of $120,000. The winning class of each decade will be able to put a message on the Rees Marquee for a period of time. Remember how we used to chant and brag that our class was the best. Here’s your chance to do that once again while showing your pride and support of a great cause. The committee asks everyone to “like” the Facebook page, share it with your friends, promote the challenge, and make a donation.  The challenge is ongoing now through October 15.

We don’t want to leave out those who have not graduated from Plymouth. If you are from a neighboring school and would like to challenge other county schools we would love to help make that happen.

Of course, we also know that there are many residents of Plymouth who did not grow up here. We believe that many of you want to see a new Rees. A venue to provide new memories for you and your family. We encourage you to participate in our challenge, also.

Donations are easily explained on the website and the or you may make your check payable to Wythougan Valley Preservation, Inc. and mail it to the Marshall County Museum, 123 N. Michigan Street, Plymouth, IN 46563.  Be sure to indicate our class on your check or on the gofundme page. Remember no donation is too small.  As one early donor said, help us continue to make “Plymouth the place where magic happens.”

The Rees Project Committee recognizes that the recent hurricanes and earthquakes have caused tragic and significant loss of life and property. Many of us feel a responsibility to help in multiple ways. As a committee, we certainly acknowledge that desire and responsibility to help our fellow man. We know that the Rees Project is ultimately long term in nature and only ask that when it is appropriate that you remember the Rees and our plans for continued community development. God bless those in need.