toxicologyMarshall County Coroner John Grolich received the toxicology report this week for the April 22nd death of 30 year old Jonathan McNeely of Indianapolis.

Marshall county police were called to the Del-lo-me Lane address for a male subject found deceased in the home.  It was believed the man, Jonathan McNeely had overdosed on drugs.

Grolich said the toxicology report showed the largest combination of narcotics he’s seen in nearly 14 year of work in the coroner’s office.  The cocktail of drugs included monoacetylmorphine, codeine, dihydrocodeine, morphine, oxymorphine, and oxycodone.

Officers were able to locate a Mishawaka man, 43 year old Justin Green who is believed to have supplied the drugs to McNeely.  He was arrested for reckless homicide and dealing in a narcotic drug.