Pine Creek Plaza signThe multi-tenant free-standing pylon sign for Pine Creek Plaza at the corner of Pioneer Drive and US 30 was granted a variance of development standards Tuesday night by the Plymouth Board of Zoning Appeals.

Dave Miller, representing Van Vactor Development told the BZA the tenant sign was erected in 2007 before the current sign ordinances were implemented.  He said over time they have almost filled the building with 12 of the 13 suites being occupied.

The variance presented was to increase the number of tenant signs on the multi-tenant free-standing pylon from 4 to 12.  The sign does sit on private property, out of the sight lines for US 30 and Pioneer Drive and complies with all of the highway standards.

There were no public comments to the request and the Plymouth BZA unanimous approved the variance.

Planning Consultant Ralph Booker told members of the BZA the city’s sign ordinance limits the number of these types of signs.  He suggested reviewing the ordinance and possibly making an amendment to the current standard.

The motion was approved to increase the total number of tenant signs to 12.