Canoe Launch_1

The design concept for the canoe and kayak launch in River Park Square was presented to members of the Plymouth Park Board during their meeting this week.

Mike Reese from the Troyer Group showed the location which is east of the circle parking area and south of the Christmas tree plaza.  The proposal includes sidewalk access from the parking area to a lower area near the Yellow River.  The project includes an ADA sidewalk and a short cut with steps.  ADA transition blocks will also be places to allow wheelchair patrons to transfer from their chairs to a canoe or kayak safely.

Canoe Launch_2The launch area at the river’s edge will be a geo-web structure with plastic reinforcement and filled in with a stone and soil mix that will allow for plant material to help secure it.  While this type of structure is less expensive then concrete, it’s a minimal invasive approach.

An additional grant from the DNR will be sought to assist with funding the project.