Fire_228 1-2Elliott St_1The Plymouth Fire Department responded to a call of a stove on fire at 228 ½ Elliott Street at 8:30 Thursday morning.

Fire_228 1-2Elliott St_2When firefighters arrived on the scene they found smoke rolling from the eaves of the home and through the front, upstairs window which was broken out.

Fire_228 1-2Elliott St_3The fire in the upstairs apartment was on or around the stove in the kitchen area.  Firefighters were unable to determine the exact source of the fire.

Fire_228 1-2Elliott St_4Crews extinguished the fire in a matter of minutes but spent additional time making sure the flames did not spread any further.  They were on the scene for approximately an hour helping to clear the smoke from the building.

Fire_228 1-2Elliott St_5No injuries were reported in the fire and the occupant was at home at the time of the fire.