Jack Jordan_St. Rep.2017The Indiana House of Representatives voted Tuesday in support of a bill sponsored by State Rep. Jack Jordan (R-Bremen) that would change the type of titles issued for specialty-built vehicles.

According to Jordan, some cars are built to resemble the body of a different car that was produced at least 25 years ago, such as the 1955 Porsche 550 Spyder. Individuals can build replica cars at home with a kit or they purchase a vehicle from a low-volume manufacturer.

Under current law, these specialty-built cars receive a reconstructed vehicles title, which is equated to a salvaged title in other states. This bill would create a new title specifically for replica cars.

“Most of the replica cars produced in Indiana are sold out of the state and are given a salvaged title,” Jordan said. “This is a major problem for car enthusiasts who have the value of their vehicle diminished. This proposal would rectify this issue.”

A summer study committee would also work with the Bureau of Motor Vehicles to examine similar legislation in 23 other states to explore solutions for other titling issues involving replica cars.

This bill now advances to the governor for consideration. For more information on Senate Bill 340, visit iga.in.gov.


State Rep. Jack Jordan (R-Bremen) represents House District 17, which

includes all of Marshall County and a large portion of Fulton County.