County Building_2The Marshall County Drainage Board and Commissioners will meet Monday morning for their meetings.

The Yellow River Watershed Management Plan will be discussed at the County Drainage Board meeting Monday morning beginning at 8:30.  Deb Palmer from the Soil and Water Conservation District will talk about the 319 grant that will provide a drone flight over the watershed.

The drainage board will also continue their discussion of the obstruction in the Kline Ditch in Union Township. They have been working on this for several months but last month the farmers asked to another month to seek an additional quote for the project since the one they received was so high.  The attorney representing the property owner also asked to a continuation last month so he could get up to speed on the issue.

An agreement between the County Drainage Board and the City of Plymouth for the Greenway Trail project is also on the agenda.  Last month Park Superintendent Mike Hite and City Attorney Sean Surrisi asked the drainage board to modify the current agreement to include the second phase of the Greenway Trail and the proposed walking bridge from River Park Square to the South Gateway residential project.

The Commissioners will consider several requests for their meeting at 9:30.

The County Treasurer will request approval to extend hours of operation for the May tax collection while the Sheriff will request approval to close a road.  Diane Fisher from Prevent Child Abuse Marshall County is seeking approval to conduct an event on April 8th on the Court House Lawn.