Randy HeadThe second half of the 2017 Indiana legislative session is officially underway.

The Indiana Senate will now be considering bills that passed the House of Representatives in the first half of session.

Senator Head reviewed some of the major topics they will address:

  • House Bill 1001, is Indiana’s two-year budget.  Senator Head said, “As we take up this bill, we are dedicated to keeping our budget balanced, investing in K-12 education and finding a long-term solution to fund Indiana’s infrastructure.”
  • House Bill 1002 addressed the long-term need for road funding. The senator committed, “The General Assembly is committed to finding a long-term plan for annual road funding so that we can take care of our existing roads, finish current projects, and plan for the future.”
  • Reforming tested in Indiana schools is a priority this year and House Bill 1003 would replace the outdated ISTEP test with a new test that will take less time away from classroom instruction.
  • House Bill 1008  addressed Workforce development and this bill would establish a new grant program to provide financial aid to students working toward a job certificate in a high-value industry.

Senator Randy Head encourages Indiana residents to visit the state’s website at www.in.gov/iga to stay up to date on these and other bills.