PonyKilledThe Marshall County Humane Society and County Police are investigating a savage attack on a pony by two dogs.

On the afternoon of February 23rd, a family pony was attacked and killed on a farm located in the 15,000 block of 7th Road by a large male brindle dog and a tall black Great Dane looking dog.

The property owner was on her way to the pasture to check on the pony when the brindle male dog approached her from around the back of the barn.   Grabbing the dog’s collar to put him in the garage she realized he had blood all over his neck. At that point the tall black dog came around the edge of the barn and had blood all over her neck too. Both dogs had on the same shock collars.

PonyKilled_brindle dogNot realizing what had happened the owner continued to the pasture and found the pony lying in the mud, drenched in sweat. His back legs were caked with blood. His head bloody and ears ripped.   Putting it all together she realized the dogs had just killed the pony.

The brindle dog was taken by the Humane Society while the black Great Dane looking dog took off across a field on 7th Road east of Queen Road north bound.

The farm owner wants to warn the community of this vicious dog possibly still on the loose.   If you have seen the black Great Dane looking dog please call the Humane Society or if you know whose dogs these are contact the Sheriff’s Department.

PonyKilled_riderNancy Cox said the dog has been held since the incident for 10 days.  The animal has not shown any signs of aggression and will be going to a rescue for Mastiffs.