County News_logoKaren Richey from the Purdue Extension Office asked the County Council for an additional appropriation to cover repairs made to a copier during the meeting Monday.

Richey told the council she purchased the copier in 2015 from Anco for about $8,000.  She said it was used and had been manufactured in 2010.  Richey said when the approached the council in 2015 their recommendation was for the used copier instead of a new one.  She said in December an issue had to be fixed for $237.  That bill arrived in January and she only has $226 left in the budget.  While she was out of the office in January the machine quit working completely and the repair was $1,139 replacing two of the four toner components.

Richey was seeking an additional appropriation to cover the additional repair cost and told the county, “I’m to the point, I’m afraid it will nickel and dime us.”  She also told them the copier is coming into its busy season and will be experiencing heavy usage.

While the additional was not advertised, the council was supportive of her request and will act on it during their March meeting.  They indicated they would give her $1,300 to cover the bill.

She did mention that it might be a good time to look for a new unit before this one has any addition repair expenses.