County news # 2Tori Stull, representing the Marshall County Personnel Committee presented several recommendations to the County Council on Monday.

The majority of the changes approved were job descriptions although there were rate increases in Community Corrections and at the Museum.

The County Museum wants to fill the full-time assistant director’s position that’s currently vacant.  The job description was updated but the current salary ordinance has the pay at $17.40 an hour.  The recommendation from the county’s HR consultants was a range from $18.47 to $19.40 an hour.

As a way to fund the position, Linda Rippy Director of the Museum would like the county to pay for the new full-time position and move the current part-time position paid for by the county to the Historical Society Fund for payment.  The request passed with Council President Judy Stone voting against the request noting that about $8,000 of benefits will have to be covered by the county.

The second pay increase was in Community Corrections.  The case manager position is currently paid $16.98 an hour.  Director Ward Byers recommended a wage increase to $23.07 an hour.  With the updated job description the county’s HR consultants recommended a range of pay from $17.46 to $18.48.  The other change in this department was moving the part-time community correction officer from a salaried position to an hourly rate of $15.

As a benefit to the new Treasurer the Council approved the creation of an interim full-time position. Treasurer Angie Birchmeier said the current first deputy is retiring the end of March and allowing a temporary position will allow the current county employee who will fill the position to train before taking over and not lose her current benefits.

The council also approved the updated job descriptions for the first deputy in the treasurer office as well as the deputy coroner.