County news # 2This week the Marshall County Council gave its support behind the request of County Recorder, Marlene Mahler to offer electronic recording of certain documents.

Mahler plans to contract with Simplifile, one of three companies that offer electronic recording of documents used by offices in county government.

Currently Marshall County is only one of thirty counties in the state that do not offer electronic recording of documents.

Mahler said offering the service will not cost the county anything, Simplifile charges the customer using the service a fee of $10 for each document they have recorded.

The service will be time-saving for the recorder and her staff.   To begin Mahler would start with non-transferable documents such as mortgages and releases, things that don’t have to be transferred to other offices in the county to give her staff time to learn the system before offering other e-recording services and having other county offices use the system too.

Mahler anticipates bringing the system online in her office by April 1st and then bring in the other offices in the county before the end of the year.

Mahler will seek final approval from the County Commissioners at their meeting on Monday, February 20th.