Donnelly, Joe in officeWashington, D.C. — After meeting with President Trump and a bipartisan group of Senators on Thursday at the White House, U.S. Senator Joe Donnelly released the following statement.

Donnelly said, “We had a productive and wide-ranging discussion on preventing the outsourcing of American jobs, addressing the opioid abuse epidemic, and we also talked about Supreme Court nominee, Judge Gorsuch. Hoosiers hired me to do a job: to represent everybody in our state and work hard to do what’s best for Hoosier families—and this was a good opportunity to talk about a number of issues important to Hoosiers and our country.”

Each Senator had a chance to discuss an issue important to them. Donnelly highlighted the need to protect American jobs and his legislation that would reward companies that invest in American workers and penalize those that ship jobs to foreign countries. Donnelly’s conversation with Trump on outsourcing came one day before tomorrow’s one-year anniversary of Carrier in Indianapolis and UTEC in Huntington announcing they will ship Hoosier jobs to Mexico. And, in the coming days, Rexnord in Indianapolis will lay off workers whose jobs are being outsourced.

Donnelly recently requested a meeting with President Trump, saying in a letter he would like to discuss efforts to address outsourcing and encourage companies to invest in American workers and communities. For years Donnelly has fought to protect American jobs. He recently stood alongside workers from Carrier, Rexnord, and UTEC who are losing their jobs to outsourcing and announced the End Outsourcing Act. More than 2,000 Hoosier workers around the state are losing their jobs to foreign countries from companies including, Carrier, Rexnord, UTEC, CTS Corporation in Elkhart, Manitowoc Beverage in Sellersburg, and TRW Automotive in Lafayette.

To learn more about Donnelly’s End Outsourcing Act, click here.