County news # 2This week the Marshall County Commissioners were updated on the Hickory Road (81) bridge replacement project by Laurie Johnson from DLZ.

Four of the five parcels needed to construct the project have been acquired while the fifth was a hold out for several months.  After some negotiating and increasing the amount offered for the property, Johnson said the owner has indicated he signed the documents and mailed them late last week.

Because of portion of the project impacts a wetland area the county will be responsible for wetland mitigation.  The county has been working with the City of Plymouth on using property at the end of Plum and Walnut Streets at the Yellow River, a known flood plain for the mitigation site.    Johnson said the Army Corp. of Engineers and IDEM permits for the project are on hold until the mitigation site plan is in place.

Johnson told the commissioners IDEM denied the permit for the bridge project because they want it married with the mitigation site in one single project.  She assured the commissioners everything would be rectified once the mitigation plans are in place.

The Hickory Road bridge project is scheduled for bidding on December 13th with construction to begin in the spring of 2018.