TritonElementary_Superbowl_1Last week students Mrs. Melling’s kindergarten class at Triton Elementary School enjoyed playing a fun sight word football game in celebration of the Super Bowl.  TritonElementary_superbowl_2

TritonElementary_Superbowl_3 Pictured are Kensie Schuh, Ryle Stoddard, and Shiye Coe

Third graders at Triton Elementary have been learning about light and heat in science class.  They have watched how heat can be reflected, or felt when it is absorbed, tested out how light travels with colored laser lights and colored gummy bears, and they have even recorded how heat is lost when hot water containers are wrapped with various insulation materials.                                                                                                                     TritonElementary_SavethePenguins_1With all of these background understandings, students faced a new engineering design challenge called “Save the Penguin.”  Each member of the class was required to design a home for a penguin that would stay cold enough to keep the penguin from getting too warm.   Student tested out their homes by placing small ice penguins inside of their design and then recording the temperature of the inside of the penguin’s home at certain time intervals.  Results were fun to collect and great to look back on as learners reflected about what would make good changes to improve results.                                                                                                                                                                                                                                     TritoneLEMENTARY_SavethePenguins_2Students pictured: Brian Wescher and Mylie Groves

TritonElementary_Compare and ContrastFourth graders at Triton Elementary School have been working hard for Miss Painton, Mrs. Branda, and high school intern Miss Eads.   They have used their skills from reading to complete some fun activities. Last week, they had to compare and contrast their favorite treats.
Yesterday, students worked to figure out the sequence of each other’s morning routine!