MichianaContracting_logoMichiana Contracting, a family owned business in Plymouth for many years, has been sold.

Mike Delp, one of the owners of Michiana Contracting LLC confirmed Monday that the business located on Lilac Road was sold to an investor on January 25th.   The new owner is Scott Wallsmith of Indianapolis.   While he’s not local, he has ties to Starke County, his parents live near Knox and he grew up there.

Mike Delp said the other two owners; his brother David Delp and brother-in-law Don Wendal will remain with the company for a minimum of one year.  During that time they will assist in finding replacements for their positions in the company.

Employees and customers really won’t see a difference, it will be business as usual according to Delp.  There are no plans to change anything at the business, including operations or the name.

More information is expected to be released later this week.