Purdue Extension ChrisChris Hurt, Professor of Agriculture Economics at Purdue University will be the guest speaker for “Agricultural Outlook 2017” at the Marshall County Building.  Hurt is nationally known for his quality information on farm economy and marketing and will.  His presentation is titled, “Farm Economy for 2017 and Beyond.”

Chris will present current farm economy as we near the 2017 growing season and share some thoughts beyond this year. When will our farm economy strengthen?  How can crop farmers adjust to tighter or even negative margins? What are the early indications for the best crops to plant in 2017? If soybean acres are expanding in 2017, will farmers need to protect prices? What about the South American completion?

There will be a discussion on Farm-Bill financial assistance for the 2016 year with estimates being shared. Livestock industry profitability and grain use will be addressed as well.

What about land values and cash rents? As we head into the 2017 farming season, will these continue adjusting as we move forward? What marketing strategies should we consider with 2017 crops to be planted?

This a great program for farmers, farm consultants, and farm landlords to attend. You will learn about current tight margins in agriculture, how cash rents and inputs are adjusting, and outlook beyond 2017.  This is a great opportunity to learn about the current farm economy and ask Chris questions specifically for your business.

Those wishing to attend should contact Robert Yoder, Marshall County Extension Educator, at(574) 9358545 or ryoder@purdue.edu for further information. This will allow adequate seating and handouts for the meeting.  A light breakfast will be service at 7:45 a.m. in room 304 of the County Building at 112 West Jefferson Street in Plymouth.