Plymouth Color Logo2014Plymouth Fire Chief Rod Miller presented his annual departmental activity report to members of the Board of Public Works and Safety last week.

Fire and EMS responded to a total of 2,198 incidents during the 12 month period, January 1 2016 to December 31, 2016.  That count included 1,655 Emergency Medical Service incidents and 142 medical assists.

Plymouth Fire crews responded to 26 structure fires, 8 chemical releases, 11 combustible spills or leaks, 15 vehicle fires, 20 natural vegetation fires, 9 outside rubbish fires, 10 electrical wiring or equipment problems, 7 fires listed as other and 2 severe weather calls.  Firefighters were dispatched 5 time to steam mistaken for smoke, 4 smoke issues, 3 hazardous conditions, 3 special outside fires, 2 controlled burns, 2 special type incidents and 1 each of excessive heat, overpressure ruptures from air or gas, citizen complaint, extrication and a potential accident.

Plymouth emergency responders were dispatched and cancelled en route 154 time, were dispatched to 52 false alarms, 15 system malfunctions, 19 unintentional system operations, 15 good intent calls, 7 calls for service, 2 wrong location or no emergency found calls and 5 service calls listed as other.