County news # 2The Marshall County Council had several additional appropriations this week that were actually appropriated in 2016 but not used so they re-appropriated them this month.

The first additional was for the Marshall County Sheriff’s Department who is purchasing a new patrol vehicle to replace one totaled in a crash last year.  $20,368 from the insurance reimbursement was appropriated for the new vehicle.

The County Commissioners asked to re-appropriate $218,154 from Cum Cap to Repair of Buildings and Structures for several projects that were approved last year.  Those projects include the roof repair on the museum for $110,000; a new generator for $55,000 and $53,000 for a new chiller.  During budget hearings the County Council asked to have these projects paid for out of Cum Cap instead of the 2017 budget.

The third additional approved was $25,000 out of Extradition for a vehicle purchase that was approved last year for the Sheriff.

The final re-appropriation is for the Health Department and their move to the Community Resource Center.  $24,983 in the professional services line item needs to be appropriated for 2017 to finishing paying for the project.  County Commissioner Kurt Garner, head on the project said the Health Department expects to move at the end of the month.

Christine Stinson the new director of the Health Department is also seeking an additional of $24,000 for rent in 2017.

Garner said the hospital declined to share in the cost of a generator for the Health Department although they are interested in helping to pay for bringing the Metronet to the building.