BourbonDuring the January 10th Bourbon Town Council meeting, Brandon Chapman was re-appointed as fire chief. According to Council President, Les Mc Farland, the fire department is allotted 24 volunteers. McFarland said they continue to seek volunteers and indicated that the town provides the required training.

During the meeting, Chief Chapman said he will begin offering a weekly report on the activities and projects of the department.  He said, “This will give everyone a better understanding of what we do as a group.” After Chapman outlined a number of projects proposed and some details of needed repairs to engines and other equipment, it was decided to have Bourbon Town Clerk/Treasurer Kim Berger meet with the treasurer of the Bourbon Township Board to review their budgets before proceeding.

The officers of the Bourbon Fire Department include: Assistant Chief, Nic Lindsey; Captain, John Gomola; Secretary/Treasurer, Tate Chapman; Training Officers, Chad Stepp and Matt Stevens; Board of Directors, Derek Gross, Paul Martin, and Mike Chapman.

Carol Anders Correspondent