BourbonThe Town of Bourbon could see savings of about $15,000 as they switch from a private health insurance carrier and purchase an Anthem policy through iPEC. Clerk Kim Berger informed the council Tuesday night of the change and then requested that dental coverage available with the new policy be offered to employees. The Council voted 3-0 in approval.

Berger said the 2017 town budget of $1,450, 191 as approved by DLGF as it was published.

308 East Center Bourbon_1Bill Keyser head of the Zoning and Building Department told the Bourbon Council the house that was in extreme disrepair at 308 East Center Street has been torn down and the lot cleared. The clearing included cutting down six trees and removing the stumps. Keyser indicated that he would be working to have the property designated residential.

It was noted that there have been several inquiries into the purchase of the lot. Keyser will be obtaining appraisals prior to any offers being taken.

Carol Anders Correspondent