solid-waste-board-2017The Recycle Depot at Marshall County Solid Waste District was a busy place in December, even though there were some cold, snowy winter days.

During Tuesday’s Solid Waste Board of Directors meeting Marianne Peters said there were 840 customers with 1198 transactions.  A transaction could be recycling, dropping off material or even using the Swap Shop.  A total of 1,514 pounds of household hazardous waste was collected along with 106 TV’s and 42 tires.

Peters explained the transitions as this, “We count materials as well as customers. For instance, one customer may drop off their usual recycling, but also hand us a bag of batteries and leave an old humidifier for recycling. So we would record one customer for recycling and track the batteries as one ‘universal waste’ drop-off and one ‘white goods’ drop-off creating three transactions.”

Just so citizens understand, the Solid Waste Board of Directors, by state statue is made up of the three County Commissioners: Kevin Overmyer, Kurt Garner and Mike Delp, the Mayor of Plymouth Mark Senter, City County representative Duane Culp, the head of the biggest town in the county, which would be the Town Manager in Bremen Trend Weldy and the County Council appointment Jon VanVactor.