County News_logoThe Marshall County Commissioners held their end of the year meeting Friday, December 30th.

The short meeting included the request of County Auditor Julie Fox to inter into an agreement with Information & Records Associates of South Bend to duplicate index property records cards and deduction forms.  Fox said the county only has the single copies of the property record index cards and deductions forms.

The County Auditor presented an agreement for $15,161 to microfilm the property index record cards and $14,638.75 for the deductable forms.  She said there are funds available to do the project without using general fund monies.  Fox said she plans to use Plat Mapping Fund and the Auditor’s Ineligible Funds for the project.

The commissioners unanimously approved having the County Auditor move forward with the agreement between the county and Information & Records Associates.

The County Commissioners also approved the final claims for 2016 and were updated on the Health Department’s move to the Community Resource Center.

Commissioner Kurt Garner who has taken the lead on the project said he did the final walk through early last week and he expects to close out the project late this week or early next week.  The Health Department plans to move the end of January.