Plymouth Color Logo2014During Monday night’s Plymouth Common Council meeting, council members and Mayor Senter had several appointments to make to various boards, commissions and committees for 2017.

The city council reappointed Billy Ellinger and Mike Miley to another one year term on the Redevelopment Commission while Mayor Senter reappointed Dan Tyree, Tom Pedavoli and Nancy Felde to one year terms.  The council also appointed Steve Listenberger and Mike Delp to another 2 year term on the Urban Forestry & Flower Committee.

Councilman Gary Cook questioned the consideration to reappointment Jim Condon to the Marshall County Economic Development Corporation Board of Directors.  Cook noted that Mr. Condon doesn’t live in Plymouth or even Marshall County and opposed his reappointment saying, “I’m not saying that he hasn’t done a good job, but I think that there are qualified people within our community and our county itself to appoint to that board.”

Mayor Senter said, “Jim Condon has done an awesome job for 7 years.”  The vote was 5 to 1 with Gary Cook voting against and Jeff Houin being absent from the meeting to reappoint Condon to the MCEDC.

Mayor Senter had a number of appointments to make for next year.  He reappointed Steve Hupka to another 4 year term on the Plymouth Board of Aviation Commissioner and Alex Eads, who replaced Bob Beiter to a 4 year term on the Park and Recreation Board. Beth Pinkerton and Matt Miller will serve another 4 year term on the City Plan Commission while Vida Creed was reappointed another 1 year term on the Marshall County Alcohol Beverage Commission.