Marshall County Prosecuting Attorney Nelson Chipman announced today one count of murder and one count of auto theft was filed against Gauvin M.J. Monaghan, age 18, and Maeson Lee Coffin, age 19.  The victim of the murder is alleged to be R. Paul Costello, 78, of the 15000 block of Lincoln Highway, Plymouth.

Monaghan and Coffin are currently being held in Watertown, Jefferson County, New York.  Monaghan faces New York charges related to possession of a stolen automobile and fleeing law enforcement, and the Indiana charge of auto theft.  Coffin is being held on the Indiana charge of auto theft.  The Indiana charges against both men are being upgraded to include the murder count.  Steps have been initiated to extradite the individuals and return them to Marshall County.

The public documents titled charging information and probable cause affidavit accompany this press release, and are attached to the email distribution.  No further information will be released at this time.

Readers are reminded that the charges are mere allegations and that both men are presumed innocent until or unless proven guilty beyond a reasonable doubt in a court of law.