Plymouth Community SchoolsA proposed contract between the Plymouth Community Schools and Superintendent Daniel Tyree was the subject of a public hearing on November 1.  Fifteen minutes had been scheduled for the hearing, but with only one comment from the public, the hearing ended within three minutes.

Action on the contract will be on the December 6 agenda of the Board meeting.

The only change to the current contract is an increase of $ 1,311, which is the same amount that teachers and administrators received after negotiations.

Laurie McClennen, co-president of the teacher’s union, questioned why the contract was not extended. The contract will be effective from July 1, 2015 to June 30, 2019. Tyree had stated during the October board meeting that he did not want to extend the contract past that date.

According to the contract presented, the annual base salary is $116,502. Additional amounts include: annuity, $6,990; VEBA, $2,505; gasoline allowance, $3,500; annual board contribution to group health/dental/vision insurance premium, $22,571; and association memberships, $800. The total contract is $152,868.

The superintendent is evaluated by the Board and rated using the same categories as those used for teacher and other administrators. Salary increases are based upon performance.

Included in the contract are twelve sick days and twenty vacation days in addition to those recognized as holiday breaks.


Carol Anders Correspondent