Triton_Walkathon_2016_1Students at Triton Elementary School earned 2,285 Trojan PRIDE tickets for making positive behavior choices from August 3 – October 14 this year.  This was announced at the PRIDE celebration to celebrate the first quarter of the school year.


The convocation also recognized all that was accomplished with the first annual “Walkathon” fundraiser at the school.  Some of the statistics from the Walk A thon are:

Students and staff completed 5820 Laps around the track.

This amounted to 1,455 miles walked, jogged, or run by participants.

This walkathon raised over $8,000 for Study Trips and Trojan PRIDE Incentives.

Mrs. Bilinski’s first grade class raised the most money with $955

Triton_walkathon_2016_3Individuals who raised the most money are Andrew Burleson and Lilian Sleighter.

Triton_Walkathon_2016_6Individuals who ran the most laps are Chandler Westafer and Preston Brookins.

Earning Most Laps Honorable Mention are Jocylyn Faulkner and Ethan Shively.

The Winner of the IPod Nano drawing was Bryce BrownTriton_Walkathon_2016_5

Some pictures from the Triton PRIDE convocation:  First picture is Mrs. Bilinski’s class for the most money brought in and also the most laps done from K-3.

Picture number 2 is Mrs. Hostrawser’s class for the most laps completed for grades 4-6.

Picture number 3 is Andrew Burleson. He brought in the most money for K-3.

Triton_Walkathon_2016_4Picture number 4 is Lillian Sleighter. She brought in the most money for grades 4-6.

Picture 5 is Preston Brookins. He ran the most laps for grades K-3.

Picture 6 is Chandler Westafer. He ran the most laps for grades 4-6.  Last but not least,

picture 7 is Bryce Brown and he had his ticket drawn out of the basket and won the Apple Nano.

For every $25.00 a student brought in a raffle ticket was put into a basket and Mr. Riffle pulled Bryce’s ticket out for the grand prize.