Indiana’s unemployment rate remained at 4.5 percent as the national unemployment rate ticked up 0.1 percent to 5 percent in September.  Indiana’s labor force, a measure of Hoosiers employed or seeking employment, has increased by 75,566 since January of this year while total employment has increased by 75,425 during this timeframe. The state’s labor force has increased by nearly 200,000 since January 2013.

Marshall County had an unemployment rate of 3.5 for September down from the 3.8 in August and still lower that the July rate of 3.6 or the June rate of 3.9.

Looking at the counties that surround Marshall County you will find LaPorte County currently 6th on the list of 92 counties with a rate of 5.4 a nice drop from the 6.0 in August.   The August rate for Starke County was 5.3 and the September rate had a nice drop to 4.9.   Fulton County’s rate also saw a decrease from 4.7 to 4.4 in September.  From 41st in July to 24th in August, St. Joseph County moved up the list of 92 counties to 26th with a rate of 4.5.  Elkhart County’s 3.6 rate put them at 72nd on the list for September.  Kosciusko County ended up 75th on the list of counties with a rate of 3.6 for September.

“It’s been a strong year for the Hoosier workforce, as evidenced by Indiana’s low unemployment rate and private sector employment increasing by more than 10,000 in September,” said Steven J. Braun, Commissioner of the Indiana Department of Workforce Development (DWD). “There are still thousands of good-paying positions available for unemployed Hoosiers and help is available at local WorkOne career centers for anyone seeking the right skills to match in-demand jobs.”

Commissioner Braun also noted that private sector employment stands at 42,100 above the March 2000 peak, which is the 15th-consecutive month above that peak. He added that initial unemployment insurance claims are at the lowest point in over 30 years.