local News_2Jim Condon, the City of Plymouth representative on the Marshall County Economic Development Corporation appeared before the city’s Redevelopment Commission last week seeking additional funding for the organization.

Last year the Redevelopment Commission gave the MCEDC $15,000 and this year they are seeking to double that with a request of $30,000.

Mr. Condon highlighted some on their recent accomplishments including the active participating in the developing concepts based upon research that had lead to the current aquatic center project.  MCEDC also played an active role in development concepts and securing the developer for the South Gate project and they secured a contract with Pretzels Inc. expansion and simultaneous sale of the Commerce Building.   Condon said, “We took a technical lead on the INDOT project which resulted in a land sale for PIDCO and future capital investments for public infrastructure that will be donated to the City of Plymouth.”  MCEDC has also recently partnered with Ancilla College towards the development of a Workforce Development program for Marshall County.

Jim Condon said, “We come before you with appreciation for the support you have given us.”  He continued, “The additional $15,000 will allow us to continue our efforts towards expanding operating costs associated with the retention of existing businesses, recruitment of new businesses and basically the operations of our office as well.” Services provided by the Marshall County Economic Development Corporation have expanded over the last several years but he budget has remained relatively “status-quo.”

Mr. Condon closed his comments by saying, “With Jerry (Chavez Executive Director) on board we are really happy with the direction our organization is moving towards.”

While the Redevelopment Commission took no action at last week’s meeting, they did ask that Jerry Chavez attend the November meeting giving members time to research the request and having the ability to ask him questions of the request and services provided.