Commissioners 2016Marshall County Attorney Jim Clevenger updated the County Commissioners on a number of items during their meeting Monday.

Roland Houin from Fourway Computer Products is interested in using the extra fiber conduit chamber that the county isn’t using from US 30 to Lincoln Highway.  Speaking with Houin’s attorney Mark Wagner, they are proposing a nominal yearly fee that could be renegotiated periodically.  Clevenger said, “The proposed easement was like $10 a year or something.”  He continued, “Like next to nothing.”  Clevenger will prepare an agreement for consideration at a later meeting.

The Highway Department will be financing several trucks through a lease agreement.  Republic First National is requesting a written resolution from the Commissioners approving the lease purchase agreement.

In other business there is one hold-out landowner involved in the Hickory Road Bridge replacement project.  Clevenger said they are still working on an administrative settlement for the last parcel.

In new business the County Attorney presented a 2-year contract with Great Lakes Laboratories in the amount of $75,000 a year for 2017 & 18.  The agreement stipulates 155 narcotic cases and analyses of 600 tests.   Clevenger clarified that laboratory services are paid for by the Prosecutor’s Office but all area police agencies are able to use the services.

Former Marshall County Jail inmate, Jason Joseph has filed a 1983 action in federal court against a deputy and the jail alleging excessive force while being arrested and failure of the jail staff to have the injuries sustained from the excessive force treated timely.     Attorney Betty Knight is representing the county on this case.  Contact has already been made with the sheriff and jail personnel.     Clevenger said her firm, GIE represented the County in a claim a few years ago involving an employment matter.