Bourbon WelcomeA plan to bring a new fiber internet service to the Bourbon area by Rochester Telephone Company (RTC) is no longer in the works. The initial plan was to use a federal E-Rate grant to the Triton Schools along with donations from the town and area business to pay for the estimated cost of $403,000.  However, the grant was withdrawn after a new government representative disallowed using the grant of $280,000 for construction.  During Tuesday evening’s meeting, Bourbon Town Board President, Les McFarland said, “That plan is dead in the water.”

McFarland went on to say that he and Marshall County Economic Development Corporation President, Jerry Chávez, are working with RTC to see if a new plan can be devised.  Board members shared their confidence that the private pledged donations of $120,000 would still be available if a different plan can be implemented.

Carol Anders Correspondent