Plymouth Community SchoolsPlymouth Schools are experiencing a declining enrollment that translates into loss of reimbursement dollars from the state.

The current enrollment as verified on the state count day is 3,598.11. The odd number reflects those students in dual enrollment.

PCSC Superintendent, Daniel Tyree, explained the loss during the October School Board meeting, including how the loss of $6,000 per student hits their bottom line. Indiana uses a funding formula that pays per student.

Tyree said the graduating seniors in the 2016 class were 302 and incoming kindergarten enrollment is only 251. Although that accounts for some of the decline, Tyree said, “It’s essential to identify the issue and attack the problem.”

It was also noted that some families left the area for economic reasons or a reduced birth rate.

The corporation has seen an increase of the number of out-of-district transfer students that now numbers 288.

The Board is considering bringing in a professional “futurist” who has studied the community trends in the past. Tyree said they can expect losing students over the next ten years.

Tyree said they did not RIF (Reduction in Force) any teachers as a result of the decline in enrollment. He said, “It has not made it easy to operate.”

Carol Anders Correspondent