Plymouth School Board_Menominee2016Educators across the state continue to seek ways to enhance curriculums to ensure students are learning the writing skills needed for today’s careers.

Menominee Elementary students of teachers Nicole Horner, Bobbi Hunt, and Alana Teasdale gave a demonstration to the Plymouth School Board showing how they use PQA and ACE methods.

Principal Steven Boyer said, “In an effort to target and develop student’s reading comprehension and writing skills, the 4th grade teachers and I have collaborated around best practices for supporting students in “answering text-based questions with text references.”

Students begin answering text-based questions by “putting the question in the answer (PQA).”  They follow that by “answering, citing text, and extending their explanation” (ACE).”

Boyer said, “Building this skill develops student’s ability to answer thoroughly and to provide textual references to support their thoughts. He added, “Both skills will serve students well in education, careers, and life.”

Students presenting included Brooke Edison, Brice Hoover, Jack Christiansen, Preston Wolfe, Michael Fisher, Tinley Gantz, and Lena Jones.

Carol Anders Correspondent