County News_logoThe Marshall County Drainage Board conducted a special meeting  Monday to open bids for the reconstruction of the Frank Woods Tile.

Following a public hearing on September 19th the Drainage Board motioned to move forward with the project that will reconstruct the drain between 17th and 17B Roads on the county’s south end.

The project will reconstruct the drain beginning at the culvert under 17B Road with 500 feet of open ditch, 1,700 feet of 24 inch dual wall pipe and 1,024 feet of dual wall pipe ending at the 15 inch clay tile on the north side of 17th Road.

The estimate for the project was $59,962.

Bids opened on Monday were $64,587 from Haskins Underground of Plymouth, $59,149 from Langfeldt Excavating of Plymouth, $58,233.42 from Widner & Sons of Montery and the low bid of $55,999 from Koontz & King in Plymouth.  The drainage board approved the low bid for the project.