Go Vote

Indiana Senate Enrolled Act 61 signed by Governor Pence March 21st will change the way straight party voters fill out ballots in the November election.

A voter who votes a straight-party ballot will be required to individually fill in votes for any offices that may have more than one candidate per party, such as At-large seats.

Tuesday morning Marshall County Election Board members were informed of this new requirement. County Clerk, Deb VanDeMark showed a sample of the notice that will be placed on the voting machine reminding straight party voters to vote to the County Council at Large candidates individually.

November voters will also have to vote for school board members individually, decide on the judicial retention questions and the public question. She indicated that this will be a big ballot causing voters to take longer to complete their ballots and may be confusing to voters.

While the County Election Board will work to educate voters prior to the November Presidential Election, it will be the voters’ responsibility to make sure they understand how their votes count. VanDeMark said they would also educate poll workers on the new requirement.