Argos Schools signMonday evening the Argos School Board approved the termination of Varsity Baseball Coach Kirk Weiss and resignation of Varsity Assistant baseball coach Lowell Hatfiled.


Weiss appeared before the school board with a couple of questions. He said, “Tonight I’m going to be terminated. I was asked to resign and I did not resign.” He asked for the exact reason for the resignation request saying, “If I understand right, it’s because the contracts were already approved and the second reason was communication with the athletic director?”


Board Vice-President Kurk Nellans said the position had already been approved by the board for renewal and Nellans confirmed that was where the conflict came up. Nellans said, “As far as the specifics go, I think that’s been communicated to you and I don’t want to get too far into the personnel side of this.”


It was apparent that issues arose between the coaching staff and a change was made that was not favorable to everyone. Weiss said, “I made a coaching change because things didn’t work out. We had a discussion 2 months before I took the job, before we switched rolls. There was tension last year and my main concern and only concern are those kids.”


Weiss noted in the comment section of his personnel review the athletic director wrote, “I like the communication he had with the athletic director, the enthusiasm you had for the program drawing kids in. You and your assistants need to decide if you can get on the same page regarding practices and goals and make it work. If not we will find other assistants.”


Coach Weiss said, “I made a decision that I wasn’t going to risk causing tension next year in the program. I didn’t break any rules, I did what every coach in the state of Indiana does, I sat down, evaluated and made a decision.”


The Argos School Board approved the termination and resignation by a vote of 3-0-1 with Nellans abstaining because he has a student on the team.