bourbon-fire-stationMuch of the discussion during Tuesday night’s Bourbon town meeting centered on securing additional funding for a proposed fiber optic project. Council President, Les McFarland, said many local businesses have pledged donations totaling $52,000 for the project. He said IAB Bank has set up a proposal for a matching $15,000 donation. Although the Council pledged $40,000 at the August meeting towards the project, they voted unanimously to increase the pledge by $7,500.

According to Clerk Kim Berger, the pledged money would come from the Cumulative Capital Fund which currently has a balance of $142,447.

The project was brought to the Council at the August meeting by Triton Schools Superintendent, Donna  Burroughs. Burroughs said the schools have been awarded a grant for a large portion of the overall cost. If the high speed fiber optic was completed, it is estimated that the schools would experience a savings of $6,000 per month for internet usage.

Town resident Spencer Stanley asked several questions concerning how local residents would be able to utilize the services and the cost. Although some information was offered by other residents, there were no official figures presented.

Referring to the deadline to use the grant for the project, McFarland said, “It’s now or never.”