promise Indiana bannerThere’s a remarkable opportunity available to kindergarten and first grade students in all Marshall County schools right now.  If a parent opens a 529 savings account for their child in either of these two grades by the end of October, the Marshall County Promise fund at the Marshall County Community Foundation will make a $25 donation to that child’s account.

The goals of “The Promise” are to leverage the entire community to make it easy for families to begin saving for post-secondary education, to incentivize savings behavior with community matching funds, and to build a college-saver identity for youth by exposing them to college and careers in the classroom and on campus including a “Walk Into My Future” celebration.    This distinctly ‘Hoosier’ owned initiative is intended to build hope for our children’s futures with furthering their education after high school.

Marshall County kindergarten and first grade students will be participating in their annual “Walk Into the Future” event at Ancilla College in Donaldson on September 23rd and 30th.

Marshall County Promise will be offering additional opportunities for earning free funds in each child’s account in the future.  Triton School Superintendent said, “We want all of the children in Marshall County to know that they can grow up to be anything they want to be.  We want them to know that their community supports and believes in them and we want them to know that education is an important part of all future success.”

Marshall County Promise was 1 of 11 counties recognized in Indianapolis this summer for their work to encourage all areas of our communities to come together and promote education attainment for all.

Sign your child up now! You can sign up online