Triton_Schools_LogoIt was a beautiful day for a Book Walk.  Mrs. Alber’s first grade class and Ms. Finley’s kindergarten class at Triton Elementary School got to participate in the story “There Was an Old Lady Who Swallowed a Shell”.

TritonElementary_Book walk2016Mrs. Alber’s class collected items that represented the things she swallowed.  They could then share this story with their families if they wanted to.  It was a lot of fun! A special thanks to Denise Shaver, library aide, for coordinating the activity.



Triton_writing1Students in Mrs. Watkins sixth grade Social Studies class at Triton Elementary School have been studying historical times of Ancient Mesopotamia.   They created their name on clay tablets with cuneiform writing. Cuneiform is wedge shaped writing.

Since there were few trees in Mesopotamia, people did not make paper.  Instead they wrote on clay tablets, A long reed, called a stylus was used to carve the cuneiform into wet clay.  When the clay hardened, the tablets became permanent records – as long as no one dropped them.

triton_writing2People who could read or write were called scribes in ancient Mesopotamia (and in other cultures). They were very valuable to the Mesopotamian people because so few people had those skills.

Pictured are: Cole Gard, Ethan Howell, Adriana Stoner


Triton_afterschool_1The students in the new After School Care Program at Triton Elementary School began their initial service learning project of cleaning-up the courtyard.  The kids were very eager to get to work, and got a tremendous amount done.  They plan to begin planting and mulching the beds in the next few weeks. The supervisor of the program is Mary Hayes.

The children in the first photo are:  Darrin King, Mya Davis, Allie Westafer, Payton Hull, Addison Albright, and Rilee Bemish.


Triton_afterschool_ 2Photo 2: Peyton Cook, Mya Davis, Brendan King, Allie Westafer, Addison Albright, and Rilee Bemish.


Triton_afterschool_ 3Photo 3: Allie Westafer, Mya Davis, Raylee Hayes, and Addison Albright


Students who helped but are not pictured: Ty Davis,Wyatt Hayes