Homestead Dairy logoFamily owned and operated Homestead Dairy is about to become one of the largest automated robotic dairy farms in the nation. The improved robotic milking system will serve as a model for modern dairy farming innovation across the country. Agribusiness is a vital contributor to Indiana’s economy, and Homestead’s expansion signals the beginning of a new era of technologically advanced dairy production.

This expansion was supported by the Marshall County Council at a public hearing today in which they approved a personal and real property tax abatement for Homestead Dairy, LLC. The hearing was the second in a two-step tax abatement process, the first of which took place August 8th when the Council designated the location as an economic revitalization area. Marshall County’s support of this uniquely large expansion and capital expenditure speaks to the value our region places on local farms.

This tax abatement supports Homestead’s plans to invest approximately $6 million to build a new, 400,000 square foot robotic dairy facility. An additional $8 million will be invested to purchase 24 robotic milking machines, more than any other dairy in the nation. The facility and robotic milking machines will improve efficiency, milking capacity, and the health and wellbeing of the farm’s approximately 3,500 dairy cows, with 1,400 more cows soon to be added in anticipation of the expansion. This capital investment will strengthen the local economy through increased profits, retention of current local workers, and the creation of new jobs.

Floyd HouinHomestead Dairy is a second generation, family owned and operated business with a long history in Marshall County. The Houin family dairy farm began in 1945 with just nine cows. In 1979, the next generation of the Houin family grew their business to 110 cows and named it Homestead Dairy. Since then, the family has continued their tradition of growth and innovation, employing 42 people in Marshall County.


About Homestead Dairy, LLC At Homestead Dairy, we’re bringing our family farm, our families, and other families in the community together to care for our cows and promote the importance of healthy milk coming to your table. Our mission is to supply the highest quality agricultural products in a sustainable way, while creating a positive impact for the cows, business, and community. Visit Homestead on the web at