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Chuck DeWitt, Marshall County’s Building Inspector recently presented his quarterly report to the County Commissioners.

Looking at the 2nd quarter: April, May and June the Building Department issued a total of 168 building permits with an estimated value of $7.9 million.

DeWitt had a total of 494 inspection during the second quarter which includes foundations and footings, rough-in, roofs, electrical, plumbing and final inspections.

A comparison of the second quarter for the last three years show the number of permits, at 168 is just short of 2015 when the number was 172. The difference was in the value of the permits issued is nearly $2 million. Dewitt said, “There’s more smaller projects going on and not as many high value permits.”

It was noted that during the second quarter in 2015 there was one project for over $3.2 million. DeWitt said, “If you factor that one out we would be ahead of last year.

He also brought up the Health and Substandard Housing Inspections commenting, “they are up from what we’ve done in the past, 6 in April and May and 4 in June.” Included in his report were inspection for the Town of Argos who received a grant to inspect businesses making sure they are code compliant and everything is up to date.

Commissioner Kevin Overmyer asked if the County Building Inspector was required to inspect the concert for the new NIPSCO power-line project. DeWitt said utilities are out of his realm and have been told they can’t permit them because they are exempt for local regulations.