Miller'sAssisted_JamSessionLiza Woolever and Friends held a jam session last Friday evening at Miller’s Assisted Living.  Liza teaches fiddle and other folk instrument lessons at Miller’s each Wednesday afternoon.  Occasionally her students, former students and other musicians friends get together at the facility to jam together.  The residents are invited to sit in on the jam sessions with their own instruments.  If they don’t have an instrument to bring, Liza has plenty of rhythm instruments that she will loan to them during the jam. They choose music of different skill levels so all the musicians are able to take part during the evening.  It is always a fun time.


 Pictured during Friday evening’s jam session are Mark Woolever, Liza Woolever, John Reichert and Steve Weissert.  For more information about music lessons or jam sessions with Liza you may call 574-936-7410.