local News_2During Tuesday night’s Plymouth Redevelopment Commission meeting, members were asked to put two projects on the list of projects in TIF District number 3 which consists of property along US 30 west of the Rail Road tracks and up and down Pioneer Drive.

Chad Barden representing the Aquatics Center and Field-house told commission members, “A new funding mechanism available through the state that encourages new public private partnership funding for projects that may otherwise not see the light of day.”

This project was approved for $2 million of matching funds for this project through the Regional Cities Initiative.  The maximum allowed in the Initiative is a 20% match with public money and private funds paying the larger portion of the project.

Barden explained the project which is a two facility project.  The soccer complex was originally estimated at 130,000 square foot, that facility will likely be 150,000 square feet.  The second facility in the project is an aquatics center.  This indoor 10 lane competition swimming pool facility will accommodate up to 500 swimmers, 500 spectators and a day care center operated by Ancilla College.

The funding for the project will include the donation of land from the Holms for property immediately east of the LifePlex, and Rick and Barbie Miller have already purchased approximately 10 acres for the soccer complex and they are the primary developers behind these projects.

These projects will help to make Plymouth a destination spot and discussion have already started for additional motels and restaurants in the area.

The Redevelopment Commission agreed to start the process to add this project to the list of projects if TIF # 3.

The second request, from Dave Miller of Van Vactor Development involves a drainage issued on Miller Drive and Pioneer Drive.

When the new flood plain maps came out in 2011 a number of lots in their development were impacted. Since then the VanVactors have hired a study of the Schuh Ditch.  The results show that the culvers under Pioneer Drive and the driveway culvert along Miller Drive are too small.

The recommended fix would replace those culverts and the Van Vactors are willing to pay for the change out of the driveway culver.  The estimated cost to jack and bore a new pipe under Pioneer Drive is $85,000 to $100,000 while replacing both pipes is $145,000 to $175,000.

Miller said the County Surveyor has no issue with replacing the culvers but the Drainage Board has no money to pay for the project.

Miller indicated there has been interest for development on a lot but being in the flood plain the project is cost prohibitive for them.  This drainage project could have a major affect on new development in the TIF District.

The Plymouth Redevelopment Commission tables the request to allow an assessment of revenues in TIF 3 before looking at adding another project to the list.