Road Closed High WaterSeveral roads are closed due to high water in the northwestern area of Marshall County.

The County Commissioners urge, don’t drive around barricades!

The Marshall County Highway Department is advising that several area roads are closed due to high water. They include:
6th Road west of Queen Road,
5th Road between Hawthorn Road and Grape Road,
3 B Road west of Rose Road,
Rose Road between the St. Joe County Line and 1st Road,
1 B Road at Oak Road,
6 B Road and Union Road.

Several other roads in Marshall County have High Water warnings. These include:
Oak Road at 3rd Road,
Queen Road west of 6th Road,
Redwood Road between 3b and 2b Roads,
Union Road north of 3rd Road,
2b Road at Sycamore Road,
2b Road west of Quince Road,
9b Road at the Starke County Line,
5th Road at Underwood Road,
6th Road by the Swan Lake Golf Course,
at the intersection of 7th Road east of Union Road,
Redwood Road north of 1st Road,
Queen Road between 1st Road and U.S. 6,
1st Road by the U.S. 31 overpass,
Oak Road north of 3 B Road,
1st Road west of Pine Road,
Sycamore Road north of 1st Road,
Redwood Road south of the St. Joseph County Line
5th Road from Grape to Hawthorn Roads and
7th Road west of Union Road.

An Advisory Level Travel Advisory has been put in place by the Marshall County Commissioners.

An Advisory Level Travel Advisory is the lowest level of local travel advisory. It means that routine travel or activities may be restricted in areas because of a hazardous situation, and individuals should use caution or avoid those areas.

Do not drive around barricaded roads. The barricades are in place to protect you from a potentially dangerous situation.