Miller'sAssisted_ventriloquistGlenda and Mike Mann of Kansas recently passed through Indiana on their way to Michigan.  Fortunately for the residents of Miller’s Assisted Living they contacted the facility about performing for them on their way back home.  The duo performed their magic and ventriloquism act to the delight and amazement of the residents and their guests.

He has studied the art of puppetry for 20 years. He began with hand puppets or “Muppet Type Puppets” and moved gradually into ventriloquism. He now is an accomplished ventriloquist with many varied comical routines, but is also proficient at ad-libbing. Mike works both as a solo artist and in combination with Glenda to present the Gospel message.

Glenda’s interest in performance dates back to her childhood. She was first a musician and vocalist. She taught herself to play the piano beginning at the age of 3. She became so musically talented that several different traveling Gospel music groups hired her to play for them. She also is a fine vocalist and has composed nearly 100 songs. Her love of visual presentations also started early when she watched her grandmother use small illustrations to reinforce Bible messages in church. She was fascinated by the visual puzzles that always kept her attention. As an adult she remembered those moments at her grandmother’s knee and began reading, studying, and rehearsing to become a visual presenter herself. She attended many presenter conventions and began writing dialogue while perfecting her performance.

When Mike and Glenda join together their team approach is original and fast paced.   All ages appreciate their performance.

Miller'sAssisted_majicShowHighlights of their performance included Glenda making “Stardust” the Lion Hare appear out of a magical box that contained a dove.  She also amazed the crowd with a floating table.  Mike amused the audience with his talking ostrich and a special visit from “Grandma Sadie” who happened to know quite a bit about the gentlemen in the room.  Along with all the amazing illusions there was much laughter in the room as the couple adds much comedy to their routine.  At the end of the program Mike took Grandma Sadie and Glenda took Stardust to meet everyone in the audience.