Plymouth Color Logo2014Kem McFarling who lives on Warana Drive appeared before the Plymouth Board of Public Works and Safety this week to check and see what the city was going to do about the flooding issues he’s experienced. He said, “You did a study. Where do we go from here?”


Utility Superintendent Donnie Davidson said a potential solution was reviewed a couple of months ago but with an estimated cost of over $500,000 he was unsure if or when the project could be completed.


Davidson said the proposed project would bring a 36 inch storm sewer from the pond at the back of Candy Lane, take it to Ferndale Street and then on to the Yellow River. Construction costs were estimated at $390,000 while non-construction costs were $117,000.


While there are a few others affected by this, a solution that costs over a half a million dollars is something the city would need to plan for and budget for over a few years Davidson commented.


McFarling told the Board of Public Works, “It’s critical to me.”