County News_logoMarshall Superior Court II Judge Dean Colvin was granted a $6,000 additional appropriation for continue paying for a Law Clerk.


Monday morning Colvin told the County Council he has a law clerk who has basically worked full time this summer for him and has graduated from college and passed the bar.


Colvin sought the $6,000 to fund the position for the rest of 2016.


Other additional appropriations approved were $1,000 for the County Council in the Travel & Mileage line item; $5,000 for the County Health Department for the lease of a new vehicle to replace a 2001 Taurus; $250,000 for the Commissioners for Bituminous and $250,000 for gravel; $165,000 out of the Rainy Day Fund for Building & Grounds for the major repairs to the two elevators in the Court House; and the re-appropriation of fuel funds for the County Highway in the amount of $168,217.