NewsHomestead Dairy in Plymouth is a second generation, family owned and operated business with a long history in Marshall County.


Floyd Houin, joined by Jerry Chavez Executive Director of the Marshall County Economic Development Corporation appeared before the Marshall County Council Monday morning seeking a tax abatement for a new robotic dairy that will allow cows the opportunity to eat, rest and get milked anytime they want.


In 1979 Floyd and his brother purchased the family from from their dad with 100 cows. In the late 80’s they achieved 1,000 cows and 1,000 acres for each family. Houin said the next generation is on board and this project will move them forward for the next 20 to 30 years.


The $14 million project includes a nearly 400,000 square foot barn making it the best environment for the cows by bringing them indoors. Houin said their capital expenditure in machinery and equipment is expected to be $8 million while the automated milking facility are expected to be $6 million.


The barn will feature 24 robotic milking machines, more than any other dairy in the nation.


The project will be built in phases and includes placing a pipe under US 31 and across the Homestead Dairy property to reduce trucking of manure by 90 to 95%.


The first step in the two step process is to declare the 80 acres on 14th Road between Muckshaw and US 31 as a Economic Revitalization Area (ERA). The County Council unanimously approved a resolution for the ERA. At their meeting next month a public hearing will be held to detail the project and set the tax abatement.